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Lauten Audio, based in northern California, United States, is a designer and manufacturer of microphones and related equipment. Lauten Audio coined the term Multi-voicing™ which is a unique functionality where the sound characteristics of a microphone can be manipulated via switches or knobs to change its timbre without the use of external hardware.

Lauten Audio released their first product the multi-purpose “Horizon Tube Microphone” in October 2006.

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Lauten Clarion FC-357

10.590,00 kr (8.472,00 kr ex.moms)
22.690,00 kr (18.152,00 kr ex.moms)
5.333,00 kr (4.266,40 kr ex.moms)
6.333,00 kr (5.066,40 kr ex.moms)
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Lauten ATLANTIS FC-387

12.090,00 kr (9.672,00 kr ex.moms)
3.111,00 kr (2.488,80 kr ex.moms)
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Lauten LS-308

3.999,00 kr (3.199,20 kr ex.moms)
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Lauten LS-208

4.799,00 kr (3.839,20 kr ex.moms)
3.899,00 kr (3.119,20 kr ex.moms)
4.499,00 kr (3.599,20 kr ex.moms)